We believe we have a responsibility as a brand. This goes for both the environment and for the people that are part of the process making what you wear. We work with a set of ethics in three major areas:

1: The materials
We use sustainable materials whenever possible. This means we always strive to use very high quality organic cotton, linen and natural fibres such as merino and lambswool for our garments, that makes them last for as long a possible. Being sustainable is not a destination, but a journey. Step by step. And we feel we are on the right path.

2: The production
We currently produce in Portugal and Germany at smaller, mostly family owned, factories, that we visit on a regular basis. The factories have a high standard in workmanship, ethics and the workers earn a fair pay. The regulations for waste materials are also more strict in Europe, than in most other parts of the world. After all – it´s all the same planet.

3: The packaging
We are on a mission to deliver all our products in recycled paper bags and cartons. We have started this process and aim to pack and deliver in packaging that leave as little impact as possible. It´s a process of closing the loop. Buy wisely – the money you spend today will affect the world you live in tomorrow. At our warehouse, office and shop we make sure all packaging is re-used and recycled.

We support factories that have a healthy work environment and do not use underpaid or child labor. We do not employ underage workers and always make sure we have a healthy and safe work environment that complies with national laws and regulations.
We believe people deserve respect regardless of sex, color, gender, age, ethnicity, religious belief or sexual orientation.